Channel Letter Signs in McHenry County Illinois

Channel letter signs are an impactful signage choice. Nu-Glo has been crafting Channel Letter Signs in McHenry County for over 40 years.

Nu-Glo Signs is a family-owned company with a long history of providing high-quality signage services. We offer a wide variety of products and services, including custom signs, neon signs, and LED signs. We also offer a variety of installation and maintenance services.

Channel Letter Signs are one of the most popular types of business signage. 

A channel letter sign is a three-dimensional graphic element with an individual structure and separate illumination. In simpler terms, a channel letter can be any letter, number, or other character that, when combined with other like characters, makes up a sign presentation

Channel letter signs are an impactful signage choice. They are 3-D letter signs that are dynamic, eye-catching, and sure to attract customers to your place of business. The letters are bold, individually-lit, and individually-built to ensure the most visibility.

Channel Letter Signs in McHenry County Illinois

Channel Letter Signs - Woodstock IL

Channel Letter Signs are one of the most popular types of signs here in Northern Illinois. Though there are many variations, these signs feature raised, individually lit letters and graphics giving a 3-dimensional look to your signage.

In the past, most channel letter signs were lit using neon tubing. Today, LED lighting is taking over due to it’s longevity, vastly reduced energy costs, and the fact that LED’s are not affected by cold weather (as is the case with neon lighting).

In addition to designing, manufacturing and installing the very best channel letter signs in McHenry County, we also service and repair signage, including LED conversions!

LED Channel Letter Conversions in Northern Illinois

Outdoor Business Signs - Algonquin Illinois - LED Conversions

When your channel letters start to blink out, or if you simply want to save some serious cash instead of writing a fat  check to the electric company, call the LED Conversion Experts at Nu Glo Sign.

And, LED Signs not only use less electricity, they last longer and burn brighter in chilly weather, an important consideration here in upstate Illinois.

Convert Today and Save!

10 Reasons to Convert Your Sign to LED

  • Reduced energy costs by up to 90% over neon
  • Better Efficiency – LEDs are 50% to 70% more efficient than fluorescent bulbs
  • Longer Life – 50,000+ hours (Over a decade of night time use)
  • Fewer Service Calls
  • Reduced fire and shock hazards (much lower voltage)
  • Improved performance in cold weather (Important feature in Northern Illinois)
  • Mercury Free – Environmentally Safe
  • Higher Quality Lighting – No “Flickering” Issues
  • LEDs are Shatterproof
  • Adaptability – Colors, Halo Effects and More!

Get a quote on your LED Sign Conversion in Northern Illinois today! 

Additionally, Nu Glo Signs also offers LED Conversions For Parking Lots

And in the case of parking lot lighting, the savings can average about $300 per year ON EACH LAMP!

It’s not just Signs and Parking Lots. Nu Glo can light up Walkways, Roadways, Tennis Courts, and any outdoor area that needs lighting here in northern Illinois.

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