Channel Letter Signs in Waukegan

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Channel Letter Signs in Waukegan

Visible by day, boldly luminous at night, channel letter signs in Waukegan and throughout Lake County provide depth and precision to your company’s image.

Channel Letters are individually lit letters and graphics. Channel Letters are one of the best ways for your business to be noticed.

For years, neon was the undisputed way to illuminate a channel letter sign. Now business owners have a better choice – LED Lighting – that consumes far less energy and performs better in the cold weather months as well.

At Nu Glo Signs, our outdoor signs pay for themselves by bringing in business that would have otherwise passed you by. Memorable signage serves many purposes. In addition to bringing in customer traffic it also creates a striking visual memory.

And our channel letter signs in Lake County are manufactured to the strictest standards, and meet all the necessary local electrical and building codes.

Channel Letter Signs in Waukegan - Nu Glo

Channel Letter Signs in Waukegan

Here at Nu-Glo Sign, we have been helping businesses succeed through exceptional signage since 1982. And you have probably seen our work.

Also, new LED back-lighting provides longer life, no “ballast” problems as well as vastly reduced energy consumption, lowering your electric billing. Additionally it’s much brighter as well.

And we will beat any bids providing materials, types, sizes, shapes, structures & quality is the same apples & apples, oranges & oranges.

A Channel Sign is a 3-dimensional graphic sign. Each letter in the sign is generally lit from the inside with light shining through the sign face or out the back of the letter creating a halo effect (reverse channel letter). Additionally, sometimes the effect is combined providing not only a front illuminated channel letter but also a reverse “halo” effect behind.

Illuminated channel letter signs are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business and capture customer attention twenty-four hours a day. Easy visible in daylight, boldly luminous at night, these signs act as 3-D beacons to your business.

Sign Service in Antioch - LED Signs in Antioch at Night
Sign Service in Antioch – LED Signs in Antioch at Night

Channel Letter Signs in Waukegan (and More)

If you are in need of business signs in Lake County Illinois, contact the Commercial Signage Professionals at Nu Glo Sign. From business signs to event signage, interior signs, parking lot lighting and more. Nu Glo custom fabricates all types of business signs in Lake County and the surrounding northern Illinois / Southern Wisconsin area.

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Whether you are in need of a new sign, or your sign needs some tender-loving repair, call the signage experts in Lake County Illinois – Nu Glo.

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