LED Sign Conversions - Lindenhurst Illinois

LED Sign Conversions – Round Lake Illinois and throughout Northern Illinois – For over 39 years, your best choice for new signs and fast sign repair.

LED Sign Conversions – Lindenhurst Illinois

LED’s can be used in Channel Letters, or as backlighting in nearly every type of sign – Monument, Pole, Cabinet and more. You can even use LED’s outside the sign to highlight and draw attention to your business. 

LED Lit Signs are Superior 

If you haven’t guessed, LED lighted signs are the way to go when you want to advertise your business or promote your brand. Neon and fluorescent-lit signs used to be the only way to display lighted signs outdoors, but converting your signage to LED here in Lindenhurst or anywhere in northern Illinois can offer some great benefits.

If you are in need of business signs or sign repair in Lindenhurst or the surrounding Lake County Illinois area, contact the Commercial Signage Experts at Nu Glo Sign. From business signs to event signage, interior signs, parking lot lighting and more, Nu Glo custom fabricates all types of business signs in Lake County and the surrounding northern Illinois area.

  • LED
  • Channel Letterssigns in grayslake illinois
  • Cabinet
  • Pole
  • Pylon Signs
  • Front Lit 
  • Back Lit
  • Light Box
  • Neon
  • Illuminated Pole Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Electronic LED Messages
  • Panel Signs
  • Dimensional Lettering
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Installation/Repair/Maintenance

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Convert Today and Save!

  • Reduced energy costs by up to 90% over neon
  • Better Efficiency – LEDs are 50% to 70% more efficient than fluorescent bulbs
  • Longer Life – 50,000+ hours (Over a decade of night time use)
  • Fewer Service Calls
  • Reduced fire and shock hazards (much lower voltage)
  • Improved performance in cold weather (Important feature in Northern Illinois)
  • Mercury Free – Environmentally Safe
  • Higher Quality Lighting – No “Flickering” Issues
  • LEDs are Shatterproof
  • Adaptability – Colors, Halo Effects and More!

LED Sign Conversions in Lake County Illinois – LED back lighting saves up to 90% on energy costs over fluorescent or neon lighting, and requires less maintenance.

Additionally, Nu Glo offers Retrofits For Parking Lot Lighting

Get a quote on your LED Sign Conversion in Northern Illinois today! 

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